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Hi-Files report from Skopje


Hi-Files Report from Skopje

In June 2021, Teoharov Audio hosted Mr. Milan M. Milosevic and Ljuba Miodragic, representatives of the prestigious Belgrade magazine Hi-Files. The concept of this renowned magazine is the popularization of Hi-Fi sound, as well as the transmission of news about novelties, reports and expert testing of specialized sound equipment. Their international orientation and the positive impressions from our first presentation of the Hi-Files show 2019, which were published in the 93rd issue of the magazine, this year brought them to Macedonia.
The purpose of this visit was to test our products. Considering that Teoharov production program has already been expanded to include C-type, H-type and Active loudspeakers, as well as amplifiers and other accessories, the report from the two-day visit is divided into several extensions that will thoroughly explain the detailed performance of the individually tested products, impressions and ratings.
The first of the several announced articles has already been published on 15.07.2021, in the magazine number #102.

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Teoharov presentation at Double Tree by Hilton


Teoharov presentation at Double Tree by Hilton

Presentation of teoharov product line and brand image

On June 9, 2021, at the Hilton Hotel in Skopje, the first official promotion of our complete production program took place. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce the general public with the results of our long existence and work, as well as the announcement of future plans that are part of Teoharov development policy. One such project is the collaboration between Teoharov and Vlatko Stefanovski, with a product that is planned to be on sale in September. On this occasion, as a completion of the first development phase of Teoharov, the new website and the official catalog for loudspeakers were presented.

The event was covered by a significant number of Macedonian media such as: Factor, Emitter, USB, Sloboden Pecat, Porta 3, Elemental, but also the regional media Hi-Files Magazine from Belgrade and Too Loud from Zagreb, which in addition to informative coverage of the event, on their websites and in the magazines they publish, they paid attention and conveyed information about the event  and the entire production program.

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