Introducing Legendary at IFF Manaki Brothers

Introducing Legendary at IFF Manaki Brothers

From August 20 to 26, 2022, Teoharov audio was part of the official OFF program within the 43rd Manaki Brothers International Film Festival, held in Bitola.

The participation in the program part included also an official promotion of our loudspeaker Legendary to the wide audience in Bitola and the visitors of the festival.

Our concept program included several thematic events that promoted the sound of the legendary system, namely:

– “Legendary experience” – free open-type audio sessions within which visitors had the opportunity to test Legendary’s sound in a calmer atmosphere and capture all the top performances that Teoharov and Stefanovski united in this limited edition.

– “Legendary in Macedonian” – Thematic listening of albums by prominent Macedonian musicians

– “Legendary film music” – a concept suitable for the festival, within which music from Macedonian films and film music by Macedonian composers were listened to.

As an exclusive event of this presentation, we singled out the pre-premiere of the latest album by the prominent Macedonian musician Krste Roževski, who is developing his career in the USA, creating top music and collaborations with prominent musical names.