On July 21, 2021, the second part of the extensive report was published by Mr. Nebojsa Uglesic from Too Loud Zagreb, who was on a two-day working visit to Teoharov Audio in Skopje.

The introductory part of the report gives a detailed description of our Audioculture showroom and an overview of the wide range of products for sale, certainly in order to fulfill the ultimate goal – Audioculture to be a space dominated by only quality sound and good music.

The following is a presentation of some of our preamplifiers.

Most of the report is dedicated to the 4 different compositions of Teoharov products that were listened to that day. Each of them is followed by precisely described impressions supplemented with detailed explanations of the way they are produced, the type and brand of the implemented components, a description of the finish packaging, as well as the prices of the available products.

You can read the full report form Nebojsha Ugleshic here