A few days before the promotion of our new product lines, the official website, the official catalog, as well as the announcement of future projects, we hosted Mr. Nebojsa Uglesic – a passionate audiophile, a great connoisseur of the world hi-end audio market, director of the renowned Too Loud fest, owner and editor-in-chief of Too Loud magazine from Zagreb.
The purpose of this four-day visit was to test and evaluate the already expanded Teoharov production line. The report of the visit will be published in several parts which will describe in detail the four-day stay of Mr. Nebojsa in Macedonia.
The first (introductory) part has already been published on June 29, 2021. It captures, on a broader scale, the society in which we develop, our personal approach to work, friends, guests, the environment, consumers and co-workers.
You can read the full report from Nebojsha Ugljesic here.