Distributer – PD1

2 Way Loudspeaker – ported cabinet.
Based on state-of-the-art transducers, designate on a mechanically insulated 10mm aluminum base designed for maximum linearity, in a cabinet free of distortion and resonance.
The crossover provides accurate mathematical reconstruction of the signal, which is perfectly time aligned. Frequency range covered by this loudspeaker and the fidelity of reproduction contrasts with its elegance and size.

Construct in simple straight lines, with proportions for ideal internal propagation of critical frequencies. Solid matrix construction of 25mm hard pressed MDF free from resonance and distortion, finished in natural wood veneer or pure polyurethane paint.

Front panel made of CNC machined hard alloy aluminum mechanically isolates the transducers from the cabinet and with its shape further linearizes the amplitude response, raising the overall performance to the highest level.

One SCAN-SPEAK 157cm2 MIDWOOFER with second generation SD-System patent SD-1, has several revolutionary inventions that remove distortion in the magnet systems and in the moving parts of the speaker. The philosophy is that the sound has to be very dynamic, giving a perfect transient response and providing tonal balance. The latest inventions realized in the Revelator midrange design is the sliced paper cone, which reduces breakup modes in the membrane dramatically.

One SCAN-SPEAK 8cm2 DOME TWEETER with textile diaphragm design is based on traditional electroacoustic knowledge and craftsmanship, shaped with the NRSC (Non-Resonant Suspension Coupling) principle that ensures smooth sound pressure frequency response.

Both handmade – the result is an undisputed clarity in sound. “In the end it all comes down to one thing -a loudspeaker should not have a sound of its own and should faithfully reproduce the signal flowing through the voice coil without adding or removing anything” – Scan-Speak .

Main concept is based on the exact mathematical reconstruction of the spectrum determined by the two transducers. Perfectly time aliened in their service area, the speakers receive a signal from high-performance filters, MKP capacitors and AIRCORE coils.

MKP capacitors got the best sonic quality and the best electrical peculiarity. AIRCORE coils are made from massive copper round-wire, specially developed for High-End loudspeakers, focused on achieving an utmost natural, detailed and acoustically balanced music performance.

The crossover PCB is mounted directly on the terminal on which they are located WBT nextgen™ pole terminal through and through and therefore provide faithful signal transfer for authentic sound experience

Not forgetting the details, special attention is paid to wiring where cables consist of 4x 4mm² conductors. Two conductors with silvered OFC copper strands provide a deep and crystal-clear high frequency rendition. Simultaneously, two conductors with tinned OFC copper strands ensure precise, dynamic and powerful basses. All frequencies are represented and reproduced in a linear fashion, true to the original.

Given the nature of all speakers as electro-mechanical transducers with very low efficiency, removing unwanted distortions that turn into vibrations and mechanical separation of the speaker from the room is essential for clear sound transmission.

Cabinet is double insulated from the underlying surface – massive metal stand filled with quartz sand where on the tops are placed VIABLUE™ rubber vibration dampeners and bottom VIABLUE™ spikes where vibrations are bundled and discharged through four points. This type of construction provides a vivid, clean and detailed sound.


– Cross point 2.100Hz
– Linearity +/-2dB 50Hz –20.000Hz
– Frequency response -8dB @ 30Hz – 50.000Hz
– Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) – 91dB
– Dispersion (at 1m Hight -3dB) – Vertical > 20° / Horizontal > 25°
– Distortion (1W / 50Hz – 30.000Hz ) – <0.15% (2nd and 3rd Harmonic)


– Power handling (100h RMS noise test IEC 17.1) 150W
– Amplifier power recommendation 5 – 200W RMS (unclipped)
– Impedance 4Ω (3.5Ω minimum, 19Ω maximum)


– Speaker dimensions HxWxD 105 cm x 24,5 cm x 36,5 cm
– speaker weight without packaging: 2 x 50 Kg
– shipping weight with packaging: 2 x 101 Kg
– shipping dimensions HxWxD: 2 flightcase 134 cm x 39 cm x 51 cm
Specifications are subject to change with a view to a highest performance possible.
Proudly designed, developed and handcrafted at Teoharov Audio Lab in Skopje, North Macedonia.